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Die castings


Ningbo Kassico Machinery Co.,ltd. is a quality -contract manufacturer and exporter of Aluminum Die Casting, Zinc Die Casting, and Copper Alloy Die Casting etc. We are proud of providing high quality, excellent service and competitive price to our customers, which we are insist to pursue win-win cooperation and long-term fruitful success of your overseas purchasing program. China Ningbo Kassico manufacturer will be a beneficial choice.
Ningbo Kassico Machinery Co.,ltd.    

          Kassico company mainly deals with aluminuim castings of the following products : metal parts processing, automobile spare parts aluminium castings, aluminium metal mining machinery, , electrical products ,instrumentation aluminium castings, electrical tools, pneumatic tools , and other agricultural machinery.  More>>


  Following Pressure die Castings products / services supply:


  • Aluminium  Pressure Die   Casting

  • Die Casting

  • Copper Pressure Die Casting

  • Tapping, Drilling

  • Zinc Pressure Die Casting

  • Electroplating, zinc plating

  • Aluminum CNC Machining

  • Finishing (blasting, polishing etc.)

  • Aluminum Powder Coating

  • Hot-Dipped-Galvanized (HDG)

  • Die Castings : Aluminum Castings

  • CNC machine Centre Machining

  • Die Castings : Automotive Components

  • Multi axis CNC machining ( 4-axial)

  • Die Castings : Industrial Castings

  • Pattern CNC machining

  • Aluminum high pressur Die Casting

  • Wet Painting (Rohs)

  • Aluminum lower pressure Die Casting

  • Powder Coating

  • Aluminum Castings: Lamps Die Casting

  • Powder Coating Services

  • Aluminum Gravity Die Casting

  • Shot Blast

  • CNC Precision Machining

  • CNC Milling

  • Screen printing (Silkscreen) / Pad Printing


Information for die casting


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