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Aluminum Sand Casting

Aluminum castings can be get from several different casting processes: die casting, permanent mold casting, sand casting (green sand and resin sand), Investment casting etc. But among them, aluminum sand casting perhaps is the most economical casting process for small orders, complex inner shape parts. Besides, it also play an important role in big size aluminum products, e.g. more than 20kgs aluminum parts, which may be something difficulty for die casting.

We use green sand and resin sand to make aluminum sand castings, the moulding types include both manual moulding and machine moulding. Compared with green sand and manual moulding, rasin sand and machine moulding type help us to get more precison and prettier surface quality.

Aluminum sand casting material which we are used are ASTM A319, A356, A413 etc, And we also can provide T6, T651 and other heattreat for aluminum sand castings. Such heattreatment helps to increase the mechanical properties largely.

Aluminum sand castings can be widely used as automotive components, argricuture machinery parts, pump components and components for pnumatic tools. Kassico Machinery can provide you the quality aluminum sand castings, please try to drop us an email or offer an enquiry to show what we do for you. Thanks.