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Aluminum Permanent Die Casting

Gravity die casting is some kind of permanent mould casting, and its mold use iron or steel as mould material.

Compared with high pressure die casting, gravity die casting is suitable for heavy parts and thick wall products, and also have a stronger mechanical strength, especially after heatreatment such as T6. Besides, gravity die casting have some advantages sand casting doesn't have. It can provide a close tolerance and accurate dimension and smooth surface which sand casting can hard get. E.g., according to ISO 8062, the aluminum gravity die casting can reach casting tolerance CT7, but for green sand casting with manual moulding is reach CT11. And the roughness for gravity die castings, it can reach from 6.3 to 3.2 microns, but green sand casting is only 12.5 microns and even worse.

As to the manufacture cost, With alumuminum gravity die casting, the tooling cost is much lower than aluminum die casting, but higher than aluminum sand casting. On the other hand, for unit price, the alumunium gravity die casting is expensive than die casting, but cheaper than sand casting.

Kassico Machinery are familiar with the manufacture, supply and export Aluminum gravity die castings. Our aluminum gravity die castings sells to Europ, North America. We often use below material for gravity die castings.

* Alloy 366.0 - Automotive pistons
    * Alloys 355.0, C355.0, A357.0 - Timing gears, impellers, compressors, and aircraft and missile components requiring high strength
    * Alloys 356.0, A356.0 - Machine tool parts, aircraft wheels, pump parts, marine hardware, valve bodies, also can be heat-treated as T6, T651.
    * Other aluminium alloys commonly used for permanent mold castings include 296.0, 319.0, and 333.0.

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