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Aluminum Investment Casting

Aluminum alloy products can be formed to net-shape directly with aluminum investment casting.

General speaking, there are four group of aluminum alloy are mainly be used for casting.

1. Al-Si alloy, have good casting capability and good anti-abrasive performance, widely used in constructive components, such as metal shell, cylinder body, gear housing, and frames .

2. Al-Cu alloy, have good strength performance, often used for pressure loading parts.

3. Al-Mg alloy, have the lightest weight and strongest strength, excellent anti-rust performance, widely used in millitary industry such as impeller, Radar base, and engine case etc.

4. Al-Zn alloy, have the capability of "self-quench", good stability in dimensions after treatment,  widely used in mould, mould plates, and equipment brackets.

We can provide investment casting technology for aluminum alloy, such as A356.  The aluminum investment casting can get a close tolerance precision dimension and better surface cost than Sand casting, and its tooling cost and initial investment can be more economical than die casting.

Because aluminum investment castings have a good precision apperance, it always save the cost from machining. Besides, it can  cast out with complex interior shape. Therefore it earns its role in today's casting industry and Sand castings, forgings, weldment fabrications are frequently converted to   aluminum investment castings to reduce cost.

we produce aluminum investment castings for many diversified industrial markets, you can send us your CAD drawings. So that our experienced engineering staff can make a quotation and offer the solution. You can give us the chance to show our capability in aluminum investment casting.. Thanks.