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Prefessional manufacture of Aluminum die casting, Pressure die casting, Gravity die casting...

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Die castings productDie castings productDie castings productDie castings productDie castings productDie castings product
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Welcome To Ningbo Kassico Machinery Co.,ltd.

Ningbo Kassico Machinery Co.,ltd. is specialized in non-ferro metal castings and its CNC machining, specially for die castings and die casting tooling making.

Our capacity follow below industrial fields: aluminum Die Casting, Aluminum Gravity die Casting, Zinc Die Castings, Copper die castings, Aluminum Sand Castings, Aluminum investment castings and the CNC machining. We have our own factories and has rich and special experience in non-ferro metal casting and machine fields, it has succeed in forming and organizing a metal manufacturing industry chain to manufacture, supply and export from raw material, to casting, machining, heattreating, surface finishing as well. We are specialized in casting and machined parts which are widely used for Automobile, Medical, engineering, petroleum, electricity Industry with the material Aluminium die casting, aluminum sand casting, zinc castings, die castings, investment casting and well CNC-machined metal parts.. More>>

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